Limited Edition Prints For Sale!!!!!

At last, the beautiful poster for ‘A Letter to Mina’ designed by Gav Beattie from Tiny Little Horse printing.

A2 prints are available to buy.
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Hallowe’en Performances! A Letter To Mina.

PaperDolls present A Letter to Mina 2012

Dates: 26th October – 28th October
Tickets: €16.00
Show time: 8.30pm
Duration: 60 Minutes.

PaperDolls meet Bram Stoker in a Victorian inspired exploration of the female and the monstrous. Featuring performance and writing by Alabaster DePlume, an original score by the darlings of Dublin’s alternative music scene Estel, and a diverse display of talent and skill from Dublin’s rogue cabaret and subterranean theatre culture, PaperDolls performance company are creating a Gothic theatrical playground of ideas and physicality, for three nights only in the ever malleable D-Light Studios.

An engrossing visual feast, this site specific performance incorporates new writing, original music, aerial, circus skills, suspension and theatrics. A Letter to Mina is an immersive and site specific performative adventure which oscillates between beauty and disgust.


SMOG VEIL have helped us a lot through digitally distributing our releases from their base in the U.S.

Here’s their own blurb –

Smog Veil Records has been releasing records since 1991, most geared to the post-young, most of which are ridiculous, bombastic, and otherwise under appreciated rock and roll from Northeastern Ohio

These guys have released a ton of good stuff including Pere Ubu.


HEADWRECKER is a label run by an Irishman in London.

They co – released ‘A Massive, Glorious, Uphill, Shit – Fight’

Focuses on mainly Irish hardcore and filthy dirges.

Check ’em out here –


From the 30th of March until the 2nd of April ESTEL will tour Ireland with our good friends Fuzz Orchestra in tow.

Check these guys out if you get the chance.

We’re talking heavy rock / psych three piece that will engage you and then leave your head swimming.

We’ve had the pleasure of touring with these guys in Italy and I can only say that it’ll be more than worth the price at the door.


The venue is empty for Estel, and for the longest time it appears as though they’re doomed to play in front of no-one, criminally underestimated as they long have been. Luckily, the Quad fills out in short order halfway through their set, dark, hypnotic noise, tempered with eerie keys and jazzy undertones. Their set is epic for a support slot, and those in attendance are swept away in it by the end. Not much banter, just darkened rock ‘n’ roll from the gatekeepers of Dublin’s underground in advance of their upcoming odds ‘n’ sods collection’s release this month through Quarter Inch.

Fuzz Orchestra, resplendent in suits and boots, hit the stage, guitars, vinyls, transistors and all, and proceed to lay down sludgy, groovy riffs with their distinctly Italian flavour, pockmarked with sound art, samples and musique concrete. Laying destruction upon the venue, the band cycle like Tasmanian devils through music from both their albums, flinging vinyl into the crowd and generally looking like men coming unglued. Fucking quality.