ESTEL gigs by year. 2000.

30th January- Kabinboy [uk]/ Split Red [uk]/ Tarka. Frazier’s[Dublin]

This was a biggish gig for it’s day and it was the first gig for the ‘kids’ collective. The Kabinboy and Split Red were both bands almost made up entirely of Northern Irish folks and Tarka were the band of Tom Doherty, later of Risc records and many other groups. We had tons of problems with the keyboards during this gig and we eventually stopped playing after around twenty five minutes of ‘sound issues’.

27th February- Ritchie Egan./ Dudley corporation. Frazer’s. [Dublin].

This was the release of our first seven inch. I believe that this was Ritchie’s first real solo gig. This was before he became ‘JAPE’. The Dudley Corporation were awesome as usual and never fail to be anything less than a band of perfect gents making perfect odd indie. We pulled a decent crowd at this one and the seven inch got some good reviews.

7th March- Joan of Arse/ Omelette. Whelan’s. [Dublin].

This is one of my favourite gigs with the original line up. By this gig, Joan of Arse had changed line- up into a more ‘band’ type set up. Omelette was the project of my then boss, Ian. It was a really fun night and we had played well.

4th May- Bambi. Doyle’s. [Dublin].

Another great gig. This one was set up by Jamie Farrell and Willie stewart for a club they did. I remember we went down well and we played to a pretty full room.

???- Snow Patrol. Temple bar music centre. [Dublin].

This was an interesting mis- match of styles. At the time Snow Patrol were close to going global but for now they had to make do playing with ESTEL. I remember playing in front of a fairly hefty crowd and that we played and went down well. As for Snow Patrol, the singer was a really nice guy and their manager was a tosser. He got upset with me when I said that I wasn’t going to the witness festival.. [I should note that he had a girl under his arm and abottle of Jack Daniels in the other.] Eventually the singer told him to fuck off and that I didn’t have to like the music they played or go to witness.  Like I said, a nice guy.

???- Catalyser club. Rob Dredge plus more. Eamonn Doran’s. [Dublin].

This was set up by a guy called Oly [I think]. We got this gig through Steven Shannon who I knew from college and had just recorded our first album. [His first professional gig as a producer?]. I remeber this gig as the only time we performed with a good friend of our’s, Rob Dredge. Rob was killed soon after this in an accident. This weighed heavily on those of us who had known him.

???-Ninetynine [Australia]/ Dudley corporation. Doyle’s’ [Dublin].

This gig was played without Grainne and with Michael Sheil substituing for her. Grainne was off in the States at the time. Ninetynine are one of my favourite underground bands ever. Laura and Cameron were/are the constant members. We ‘clicked’ with these guys really well and we were to play with them again over the next few years. Always a pleasure.

October 30th. Peter Maybury- Hard Sleeper. Whelan’s. [Dublin].

This gig marked the release of our first album, ‘Angelpie I think I ate your face’. It was promoted by Folkrum records. A label that wanted to sign us but disolved before it happened. It was part of ‘a month of Mondays’. I don’t remember an awful lot about this. We sold some records and I don’t remember anything terrible happening. We got a good crowd.

November 30th. Cane 141. Temple bar music centre. [Dublin].

This was a fairly unremarkable gig. Small crowd in a big venue.

By this point we were already growing tired of being a ‘cool’ band. Getting asked to open for indie bands that we didn’t respect ‘on the way up!’. The next year was to show a more determined effort to get stuff rolling in a direction we liked. It would take us a few more years and line-ups to get it right but we were on the right track.


All of this is Bushie’s opinion and does not represent the opinion’s of blah, blah, blah….


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