ESTEL promote and agree with and want the following things-
Thinking for yrself.
Non genre specific art.
Communication between artists/labels to help the whole rather than the individual.
A true ‘underground’ movement with no desire to be consumed by the mainstream.
More grrrls, artists, mavericks, queers, straights, individuals etc. participating in gigs/ bands/ art.
Real independent labels, unworried about shifting ‘units’ beyond what is required to function well.
A network of like [but not the same] minded individuals working towards artistic and personal satisfaction.

Contact ESTEL if you would like to-
Collaborate with us. We’re open to any type of collaboration as long as we can do something with it.
If you want us to play a gig near you. If you can set it up and we won’t lose money, contact us.
If you want us to play a benefit gig. As long as we agree with the cause, contact us.
If you want a track for a compilation, contact us.
If you want to release something by us on yr label [no matter how small], contact us.
If you would like to interview us for a zine, e-zine or anything else, contact us.
If you want yr band to play with us or in Dublin/ Ireland contact us and we’ll try to help. Be prepared to return the favour.
If you want to trade albums with us for yr band’s stuff, contact us and we’ll do some business.
The bottom line is- contact us and share ideas with us.
below is a short description of us that hits the nail fairly well on the head.
Estel have now been strutting their uncompromising stuff for nigh on a decade and their number of line up changes almost rivals that of The Fall. Throughout that time, they’ve given ne’er a tinker’s cuss about courting popularity. As fads have come and gone along rock’s lost highway, Estel have always purposefully missed each turn marked ‘chart action’, preferring to veer into unmapped, weird and progressively forbidden territory wherever possible.
Even in these open and enlightened times, their characteristically undomesticated instrumentals do not sit comfortably in any scenester’s pigeonhole long enough to be flavour of the week.  [Johnny Craig/ In Dublin Magazine.]