Tupelo Tapes– Best of Independent Ireland‘ [2001]

Lazybird All- Stars Live CD Compilation Volume One.’ [2001]

Glaive Records UK Compilation‘ [2002]

Ballroom of Romance No.5 Compilation‘ [2002]

Lazybird Live, Improvised and Studio Selections Volume Two and Three. [2002]

Foggy Notions Magazine Compilation.’ [2003]

Unfit for Consumption Compilation’ [2003]

Grassroots Gathering Compilation’ [2008]

Ballroom of Romance No. 73 Compilation’ [2008]

‘Sometimes Like This I talk’ -Steve Mackay album. [2011]

‘BAD ACID’  Compilation  – DVD and Audio Last issue (Features Sarah Sheil cover art). [2010]

‘Music from time and space Vol. 41’ – Eclipsed magazine compilation. [2011]


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