ESTEL gigs by year. 1999.

Feb/March- Four gigs in Eamonn Doran’s [Dublin].

These were ‘cutting our teeth’ type gigs. I don’t remember much about these other than technical disasters

and other onstage japery.

30th May- with Month of Birthdays [u.k.]/ Capstan [u.k.] and Joan of arse. Fusion bar [Dublin].

This was a hope collective gig. I think that they were nearing their end at this point. The touring bands    hailed from Leeds in the u.k. and I seem to remember liking both of them. The Joan of arse line up was the two man version with Lee and Ross. They were great as usual. I remember that a lot of people made mildly sexist comments about the girls in the band like ‘Wow, for a band full of girls you’re really good’ etc.

?? August- Warzone festival with many other bands. Belfast [u.k]

A weird one. We turned up at this gig, all excited about the prospect of playing to a big crowd of underground music fans. Before we’d even set our gear up a gang of young ‘punk’ girls had began chanting nonsense at us regarding us not being ‘punk’ enough. Retards abound. We played and went down well enough with the non- spiky element of the crowd. The best moment of the day was when a twat in an exploited outfit told Grainne that she needed ‘a hard cock up her ass’, she looked him up and down and said ‘Call yourself a punk?’ He didn’t know what to say and looked teary eyed.

6th November- Milgram [France]/ Redneck manifesto. Isaac Butt. [Dublin]

This was a fairly uneventful gig. I enjoyed all of the other bands and had fun. This is the only time we ever played with TRM. We also hand distributed the first run of our debut cassette at this one.

That was the end of our first year of gigging and I feel that it served us well.


All of this is Bushie’s opinion and does not represent the opinion’s of blah, blah, blah….


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