[7″ E.P. – Little Plastic Tapes 04 – Jul 2002]

Printed on vinyl in a run of 200. OUT OF PRINT.



Eclectic – Review By Michelle Dalton

Estel are essentially a strange proposition. Somehow they seem to be clinging onto post-rock; offering cut-up melodies, semi-chunks of growling riffs, thumping stop-start instrumentals. Yet at the same time, they seem to be doing something completely different. They’re not a post-rock band but really there’s no other word to describe them – they are taking math-rock, chopping it into pieces, using the bits they like and then running off to find the old Casio keyboards that Grandaddy are finished playing with, and using them to fill in the gaps.
It’s true to say that with most 7″ records there is always one side that tends to usually be face up on your record player. However Estel’s inventive thirst and inability to do anything that isn’t soaked in originality ensures that ‘True stories’ and ‘My Raymond is contagious’ easily match each other, with the result that I’m constantly flipping the record over. I can’t wait for a new band to appear that sound a bit like this irish fourpiece so that then we can all call them Estel-esque, and coin a new word for a sound that is almost impossible to describe. But right now I don’t know what words to use to describe Estel, apart from absolutely stunning.

Collective Zine (UK) – Review by Andy Malcolm

Now this is pretty good, though it took me a while to work out what speed to play it at. 45rpm sounded slightly too fast, and 33rpm was too slow, but now I am pretty sure that it is 45, apologies to the band if it is not, I can always write the review again. It still sounds slightly too quick, it is going to give me asthma.
Anyway, the first song is an energetic instrumental number, the…awesome, I just found out it comes with an envelope in the packaging. Emo bastards. Weird, it just has flyers in it. Anyway, back to the song, which is built up of bass, drums, keyboards and guitar, though the bass and keyboards are the most prominent, driving everything along with a kind of manic glee “mwahaha, I will not stop! I will not stop! not until you expire and wheeze my little asthmatic chum!” is what they are saying, if you play the record backwards. The second song, obviously entitled “My Raymond is contagious” (whose isn’t?), assures me that I have it on the right speed when they come out of the gate with the reptetitious post-rock guitar riffs, building things up with the keyboards and drums and it kind of makes me think of spies or something, also the keyboard is very spooky.
Overall I find this band as very much fitting in with stuff like Reynolds or Hirameka Hifi but coming at it from a different angle. That should be a guideline as to whether it’s up your street or not. I thought this was cool anyway, I haven’t heard this sort of thing for a while. Apparently they are touring the UK in the summer so go and see them.

K-Fuel – French on-line zine

So what is this fresh wind that reaches us from Ireland, this light breeze that blows from a country of warriors? These activists from Dublin have already passed the stage of bringing a debut album to see the light of day, an album that set the local press on fire.
Previewing the release of a second album this year,these two tracks provide serious stepping stones that will broaden their horizons like magic.Two women , two men, one guitar, a bass, drums and keyboards. Not a hint of vocals.The scene is set. I don’t know why but Estel remind me of S.Process,an American group that they surely would not have heard of, like the rest of the planet, by the way!
They have a similar way of bringing across a fake groovy rythmn and staying hypnotic while the keyboard (and the similarity stops here) weaves a melody that is particularly heady on ‘True stories’.
On first impressions , they are light and delicate but the structures are solid, the ensemble organic and these two compositions are particularly catchy.And so the trap closes!

Foggy Notions Magazine

Estel are a shit cool post-punk band… …their 7″ is one of their best recordings, dripping with Sonic Youth does John Barry Swank

Vital Music Distro, USA

Moody sexy intrumentals in the Young Marble Giants 80’s postpunk from this Irish male/female quartet. Superb packaging with goodies and a mystery envelope. What’s inside? Money?…

Event Guide – Review By Lee Casey

Estel make a welcome return with a double A-sided 7″ ‘True stories’/My Raymond is contagious’ (Little Plastic Tapes). Their first new release for quite a while, it continues their signature approach of rhythmic, atmospheric, vaguely post punk instrumentals but highlights a development in both musicianship and confidence.

Reason to Believe (UK) – Review by Cath O’Connor

I really like Estel. They make me think of action chases in thrillers. Definitely more �Murder, Mystery, Suspense� than �Murder She Wrote� though. They put me a bit on edge. I think its the keyboards that give the record its eerie feel over the cool repetitive droning a la Neu. Not bad!

X-Mist (Germany)

New single by these girls & boys from Dublin,Ireland! Excellent post-rockish music, influences by the likes of Mogwai… but with an uplifting and dynamic atmosphere! A pretty nice one, with smart instrumental music!

Unfit for Consumption – Review by Trevor Meehan

Two track 7″ from these creative boys and girls that make up Estel. The upbeat “True Stories” kicks side A off, as the bass and drums drive it along, the eerie keys do their best to be as creepy as hell. Side two holds “My Raymond Is Contagious”, another upbeat number, but with much deeper keyboards than “True Stories”. It’s post-rock meets new-wave. The snazzy artwork rounds off a fine 7″ with a fine touch being the small envelope inside, which holds recording and band info.
For me Estel keep getting better and better with every release and are definitely a band out their on their own.