[CD – Little Plastic Tapes 06 – Summer 2005]

Printed on compact disc in a run of 500. OUT OF PRINT.


Punk planet .u.s.a.

This Irish quartet plays dark, instrumental, goth rock. Angry at times, gloomy at others, they communicate these sentiments well with their urgent tempos, nimble guitar lines and dour melodies. It all gels together beautifully, creating a cathartic swell of emotion.

Unfit for consumption. Ireland (j.grimes)

Fuck you, estel folks, if you think for one second I’m going to type the whole title of your album. Who do you think you are, Fiona Apple? Jesus christ you freaks, it’s fucking three in the morning………Fuck you. Good album though. Yes dear reader, estel 2005 has developed fangs after years of having baby teeth, and they’re about to sink them into your face. Starting with the sound of a fire alarm in an operating theatre and finishing with a ghost having a nervous breakdown, estel’s third album expands on the uptight new wave and film soundtrack space outs of previous but also adds dashes of furious freewheeling punk (exhibit a: ‘little mucous monsters’), epic kraut- doom (I am but a vessel’) and genuinely creepy nursery rhymes (‘kings amongst men’). The new line up seems to have injected a venom and vigour that wasn’t previously there, guitars in particular coming a little more to the fore, and the bass work being a little more fluid. A stripped down D.I.Y. production and some amazing Sheil artwork complete a record that already sets a high standard for whatever else comes out of this country this year. If you liked estel before then you will love this, but more importantly if you didn’t this will be the album to convert you. Go see ‘em live as well, you’ll be surprised at how full on they’ve become. A belter.

Unfit for consumption. Ireland (n.McGuirk)

Estel have been a feature on the Dublin underground music scene for about eight years now. Fiercely independent, this is their third album. 8 songs of loud instrumental songs. With a nod to what is known as ‘kraut rock’ if I am to believe what I am told. The songs are a mix of manic drumming, catchy keyboard riffs, steady bass and striking guitars. They want your ears to explode when you listen to them. At times they do explode live and there is no need for the vocalist that so many bands have in their ranks. Estel speak with their actions and they are still speaking after all this time.

Slug and lettuce . u.s.a.

From the streets of Dublin comes this almost entirely instrumental band that has zero to do with penny whistles, fiddles or those hand held drums. It’s strange to me how a band from thirty years or so ago can seem to just within the last few years become so influential to so many new bands but that’s what goblin has done. Estel, much like goblin play creepy ambient music that could be a soundtrack to a film or a nightmare. Estel is not a carbon copy of goblin, they play faster and are less bass heavy. I hear some godspeed influences but estel reminds me more of fellow new school goblin worshippers, zombi but less ambient and without the full on synth. Estel’s synth elements are more stripped down and with a really nice tone. one of the things I like most about this recording is the xylophone which helps add to the creepy elements. Every song on this recording is long and epic. Only one has vocals which are more of creepy whispers and distorted screams than singing which fit’s the music pretty well. If you like your music dark and scary this is for you.

Rimbaud records list. Ireland.

Estel – My dreams are like rabbits,they built a tunnel,fell onto the pavement and died (Little Plastic Tapes) CDEstels 3rd album brand new and waiting for your praise!With a shift in the line up while keeping to their usual high standard, “My Dreams…” is an album to get easily hooked on – if you`ve heard the last album, you can expect some of the same twinned with some new kicks and sounds…if your not aquainted with Estel`s music than where the hell have you been hiding!?!Think driving rythems/soundscapes on a blanket of keyboards, drums guitars bass and god knows what other wierd sounds – some damn futuristic vibes coming off this album, not to mention to excellant sleeve art done by Estelian Sarah – for fans of ‘weird Twin Peaks space goth rock'(a genre yet to be invented but started on here!), Krautrock, Rock(!), DIY punk, Damaged 80`s synth sounds, Black Eyes, and of course Estel…i`m crap at reviews really – you`ll just have to check this out big time.Trust me, you`ll like it.

Norman records list .u.k.

The new album by estel is called; ‘my dreams…….’. imagine asking for that in your local woolworths!… and it doesn’t make sense- rabbits do build tunnels- I accept that, but do they fall on the pavement and die? Anyway, this is top instrumental kraut/ post rock along the lines of Electralane. There’s dynamics at work here and the drummer is all over his kit like a wild man. We’re fishing for comparisons- kling klang has been mentioned and someone just shouted trans am, so there.

Stick figure distro . u.s.a.

Ireland’s estel release for the world their third full length entitled…. It features eight tracks of estel’s well honed spacey keyboard driven instrumental, indieish rock music. The songs are well put together and have a driving sound. Good.

Road records list. Ireland.

The third full length album from this irish instrumental outfit- eighties instrumental new wave sounds meet lo- fi post rock.